Friday, July 03, 2009


Look, I may not be a perfect housemate, but I do carry out my duties and sometimes, YOUR duties. I may be a bit particular over something, and sometimes obsessive is a better word to describe me. Still, I do not cross your line, so please know which line of mine that is OK for you to cross, or NEVER to cross.

Part one: belongings
Things which you're welcome to take from my territory without asking my permission before hand, provided that you return them to me after use:
1. Bible - If you eventually lost mine, I can always buy a new one. Let those who need/want it, have it.
2. Nail clipper - Oh come on, you don't have to ask me over this tiny babe.
3. All books on the book shelve
4. Iron
5. Pens in the pen holder on the table
6. Electronic dictionary
7. Calculator
8. My chopstick, spoon, fork, bowl and plate
9. stationery in my pencil case
10. Dettol cream
11. mirror
12. Scissor

Things which you're NEVER to even think of borrowing from me:
1. My power 400 anti-fog Ogival swimming goggle
2. Earrings and hairband (like, DUH, for sanitary reason)
3. Thousand Island dressing - NEVER!
4. Hashbrown - unless I offer it to you myself
5. Cooking oil - because Lian King and I cook less often in the house, so I think it's better we buy our own cooking oil and no issue of unfairness crop up when we're talking about fair sharing with the whole house.
6. BodyShop Passion Fruit body shampoo
7. BodyShop Passion Fruit body butter
8. Joico hair shampoo and conditioner
9. glass and teaspoon
10. swimming suit
11. Starbucks tumbler
12. food container - I need to bring breakfast to office every morning, so I can't lend it out during weekdays
13. Konxept hair treatment serum
14. perfume
15. towel, comb, pillow and other personal stuff
16. Sony NW-S203F MP3 Player

Things I may lend to you after you ask me:
1. Make ups - I know we're not suppose to share make ups for there are reported cases of people staying in the same house were found positive for a particular parasite because they share their make-ups. Chew Poh Ling can tell you more about this - it's her final year thesis ;-) But well, if you're really in need of it, then once or twice is ok lah. And that generously includes my The Face Shop blue eyeliner-eyeshadow tube and BodyShop pink lipbalm.
2. Laptop
3. Fan
4. Toilet roll
5. Ketchup (because it's not as important as my beloved Thousand Island)
6. Instant noodle
7. Milo 3in 1
8. Nescafe 3 in 1
9. Wire extension
10. clothe hanger
11. clothe clipper
12. Body shampoo
13. Sunsilk hair shampoo and conditioner
14. washing powder
15. Tuna spread
16. Gardenia wholemeal bread
17. Jacob cream crackers
18. Margarine
19. Peanut butter
20. my shoes
21. new toothbrush (to be replaced with another new toothbrush later)
22. Eggs

That's all I have for now. The rule of thumb: ask me before using it. If I'm not around, try not to use anything first, or make sure you know what are the things you should never lay your hands on, because I'm very anal about people using some of the stuff which I do not like to share.

Part two: duties and responsibilites (to save water and electricity and for cleanliness)
1. Please wash the wok after using it. Yes I may not need it often any you may not want to wash it right after you cook, but please do so before you sleep, OK? I believe by that time it wont burn your hands already.
2. Please switch off the lights when no one is using it. Better still, don't stay up late on your own. Because you'll be switching on the lights and only yourself is using yet we all have to pay for you.
3. Think before you open the fridge, and don't open it unnecessarily.
4. Iron all your clothes in one go, or a lot of clothes everytime you want to iron something, and not only one shirt every morning before you go to work.
5. Wash a full load of clothes everytime you're using the washing machine. If you don't have a full load yet you need to wash your clothes using the washing machine, please ask around if other people have clothes to wash also.
6. Please mop the kitchen floor after use irregards if it's your week to sweep and mop the house, especially if your cooking involves deep frying, which will make the whole kitchen very oily.
7. And yes, please sweep and mop the floor when it's your week to do so. It's a small condo and you don't have to do that for everyone's room, just the living hall and kitchen will do. I mean, you don't need people to remind/nag you about it like your mum does, right?
8. when you see the trash is full, just take the initiave to throw it ok.
9. If you have friends staying over for the night, please make sure they follow these rules too, if possible.
10. Please switch off the power for any electrical appliances after use. I don't care if the TV or electric kettle is off, as long as the switch is still turned on, that means electricity is flowing through and wasted. Bomb for next month: Our Tenaga Nasional Berhad bill dated 1st July is RM122.41!!

I sound very obsessive, don't I?...


Teddy said...

waaaahhhh cherlinn, u sure set out a lot of rules for ur housemates leh..

cant giv n take a bit meh? hehe..

btw, talking about mopping the floor, u kno wat my fren saw when he got home? his housemate use his bathing towel to mop the bedroom floor! hahaha... my fren was speechless duno how to react, just went out again to buy a new towel.. i wonder how wuld u reacted

Xu Vin said...


super long list(sssesssesss) grin.

i guess its good that u make it clear so that problems / probability of a person not knowing why u might be annoyed with her bcz of sth she did will lessen.

thousand island?? EWWWwwwww...... (on purpose)

Gine said...

Teddy: I'll scream the whole condo down ;-) I have been giving and taking, but sometimes there are things I can never get to give/lend leh.. *clutching my Thousand Island and swimming goggle*

Vin: The problem is.. I never actually have the guts to tell them the whole list. Bet it'll be pretty scary if I do.

Teddy said...

ur swimming goggles have power, who wuld wear it unless she wana swim into the wall! hahahha..

thousand island so nice meh? wana take urs oso?! put a note there la, say PLEASE DO NOT EAT AS IT IS POISONED!!!!

Gine said...

Haha, ya, true also about the goggle. I also like the anti-fog function very much. The thing is, this kind of goggle, one cannot touch the inner lense because it's coated with sth for the anti-fog function de. So I'm afraid that other will not take good care of it la. Some more now I swim almost everyday, and the goggle is still new, so I really treasure it loh.

About the thousand island, it seriously goes very well with everything! :D French fries, hashbrown, sandwich... - it can replace tomato sauce in my life now! Now that I always bring bread/sandwich to office for breakfast, I got to jimat my thousand island till the last drip of it ;)