Saturday, July 11, 2009


It's a day you open your eyes from sleep, knowing that it IS a Saturday, turn to another side and fall back to sleep.

After contented at the fact that you've had a super good sleep, you get up and head to the kitchen. Housemates (Vonne and Lian King) join in, and had a good time preparing breakfast for three person's share.

Hot dogs, scrambled eggs, hashbrown, toast, margarine, fresh milk, Nescafe, Milo, Thousand Island and ketchup.

And a lot of heart-lightening conversations, laughter and jokes about someone being observed by some weird uncles when she goes swimming everyday. Sorry ah, uncle, Saturday only do morning show lah, haha ;p

Saturday is my swimming day. Swimming in the morning is much more enjoyable than in the evening. Because you don't have kids come to disturb your pool during cartoon time. The pool appears clearer during day time, and 26 laps is a new record =)

Saturday is also a day to do laundry, clean up the house, blog and online news. And maybe, going out to breathe some air, too. I was planning to read my day away in Kunokuniya, but the weather was a little unpredictable when I was about to go out, hence... No, Merl, I'm not going to talk about the Mid Valley thing here! ;p We'll see what would he say the next time he asks agian ;-)

Already ironed my clothes for work for next week! =)


Xu Vin said...

*sigh of contentment...*

nice holiday :P

yiLiaN said...

wow, why your saturday so nice? *jealous
we need to go to campus for a not-more-than-1-hour lecture which is so not important. :'(

Gine said...

Haha, Yes Vin, faster grad!!

Yi Lian: Yeah I saw Faidhi's FB status message about the lecture. Kesian you ppl. But just bear with it la. Shopping centres are just a bus or monorail away from the campus after class, it's megasale now anyway ;-)

Alison.Monday said...

what a saturday morning you had cherlinn!!easy-breezy(not cover girl) =P n hey, looks like you do some serious swimming eh,way to go!! if got chance i go learn from you ^^

Gine said...

Yay Alison, come Vistana and make it your second home! Your gang is here anyway ;-)

fea said...

what Mid Valley thing?
*stares at cher linn pointedly, inexhaustedly till i get an answer*

Gine said...

Fea: hee hee *runs!*