Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm sorry.

I'm very, very sorry. Really.

I promise you I'll swim at least 26 laps today, OK?

Look, it's not entirely my fault, too.

The thing is, that McD guy really has a very cute smile! And overall, very charming, like, very. *dreamy* And I couldn't help but walked into the restaurant, again.

Why am I even blushing as I type this?! Stop it!!

Keh Len! Faster fire the cute guy from your restaurant if not I'll be visiting it more often than I swim! NooOooOoo!!12


Xu Vin said...

u just got keh len-ed! NoooOooooOooo..

prethivan said...

cher linn, d McD guy is nt as charmin as me.haizzzz. so u shud cme 2 ktsn more 2 train us rather than going 2 McD. hahaha

Gine said...

Pret: how u know he's not as charming as you are? He can make my head spins like mad, haha!

But it's ok, I love not-so-cool-vegetarian also, so don't worry ;p