Tuesday, August 11, 2009

that it matters

1. To spontaneously give others the benefit of doubt is a skill, which you can master by practising it more often. Eventually, you'll do it out of nature. It is not always a good way to deal with things with this method. But at least it slows down the necrotic judgement you may have on others.

2. If you already had judgement on me, please don't ask for my opinion. For everything I say, you'll judge my intention, too. I don't play mind games. And I dislike it the most when I'm accused for doing so.

3. When running on heels doesn't ache anymore, maybe because some other parts of the body are aching more severely. Like the heart. When it is too painful for the heart to feel for other things, it doesn't matter if a cute guy smile at me. For I've lost 1001 reasons to smile back, when a friendship dies.

4. Yet the best part, is to still having the best ear to spill out to. How irony that despite having the best model to learn from, and having myself gone through the same experience, I still can never be one good listener with empathy and compassion.

When can I actually move on with a peace in my mind? I don't blame God making me an emotional person. But, really, there's never a right time, is there?

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