Friday, August 28, 2009

Paper Work

Friends know that I'm always crazy over books, and I get excited to have new books to read, or just merely owning it :) Hence during my convo, Jerry and others bought me two books by Candace Bushnell. According to Wikipedia, the books which this American author and columnist based in New York City has written are: Sex and the City (1997), Four Blondes (2001), Trading Up (2003), Lipstick Jungle (2005) and One Fifth Avenue (2007). Trading Up and Lipstick Jungle are the two books on my bookshelf now.

Sometimes I still cannot help but to judge a book by its cover - especially when it comes to new author for me. When it passes the first level, I'd briefly flip through the book to scan the contents and more importantly, the writing style of the author. I always believe there are many ways to present an idea. But creativity sets excellent authors apart from the rest. I want to indulge in a book that will make me continue reading it.

Here is the very first paragraph from Trading Up:

It was the beginning of the summer in the year 2000, and in New York City, where the streets seemed to sparkle with the gold dust filtered down from a billion trades in a boomtown economy, it was business as usual. The world had passes into the new millennium peacefully, the president had again avoided impeachment, and Y2K had fizzled like an ancient bottle of French champagne. The city shone in all its magnificient, vulgar, and ruthless glory.

Thanks, people! =)

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