Thursday, August 13, 2009

love and hate affair

How's it feel like to fall for the same guy again? That you thought you can forget about him and move on, and suddenly, you met him again - the same old him, right in front of you. Hence, all the heart-aches, longings, and memories, flooded your mind, and you fell again, helplessly.

This time, I got his name right, and I even asked for his number ;-) He's exactly whom I need:

Name: LeSportsac
Number: RM190 (after discount is RM152)
Race: Elegantly black and white, handbag which texture is soft to the touch
Size does matter: Just nice to fit in a Jodi Picoult's novel, and purse and hp and key and tissue and maybe some make-ups. Perfect!

So, I brought him back. Hope nobody protests about us getting together ;-)

Until the next pay check comes in, the thought which will be repeated in my mind as I pass by any bookstores with SALES banner is:


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