Sunday, August 16, 2009

Departure of my love

I miss the time it hugged my body, tight yet with elasticity, to cover me yet gave me enough freedom to move around. The advantages it gives me to reduce friction, to satisfy my hunger for speed; the quiet moments for myself to swim all my night away, to clear my thoughts, to express my love for life, to miss someone secretly, to release anger and pressure, or just to do some maths by concentrating on counting laps and nothing more. It's so close to me like my second skin. Lian King once complimented my new goggle:

"Woa, it's blue colour! It matches your swimming suit!"

Well, not anymore, for the goggle has lost its matching partner. As for me, I've lost my loved one, my swimming licence - I can't swim naked OK?!

Sigh, I have to quickly buy a new one. My skin itches whenever I see the pool!!


keu said...

i dont mind if u swim naked..the googles looks fantastic with ur original skin;)

yiLiaN said...

buy bikini! :P

Gine said...

oops, yi lian, your idea comes too late! i already bought a new one-piece swimming suit! But, nice one from u! HAHAHA