Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sometimes a gift does not just cost as much as it is stated on the price tag. Though very likely the latter would have been removed (with Jun Hoe's superb well-trained-for-a-million-years skills), one may still be able to guess its shelf price.

But, the recipient may never know what one had gone through to get those gifts. It could mean walking in the rain. It could mean letting go the once in a life time good chance to buy something for ownself, to save enough money for the gift. It could mean decidophobe-ing over the choices one has, taking risk of what if the friend doesn't need/like the gift and etc. It could mean being squeezed like sardin in LRT after work. It could mean staying up thinking of ways to wrap and present the gift. It could mean passing by display windows and one can only smile at the desired items before walking off, with joy in heart that her money was spent more meaningfully.

And it definitely means precious time was spent thinking about the recipient during the entire process.

I enjoy receiving gifts. And giving gift to friends is a happy deed, too!

But no, Kevin Tan, I would like to have my sharpener back, please ;p


Xu Vin said...

well said, good old Cher! i mean, Good Cher!

Gine said...

OI! You want to KENA is it?! Wait till you come back from Kuching! ;p