Wednesday, July 08, 2009

to merl only

Though I'm told not to, but I'm sorry I just have to type this. This blog was meant for it.

Do you know how a heart aches when... a friend of yours has changed? Or, even if she has not, but the fact that there is another friend who keeps occupying her, and make her see things in a way that... is no longer the same? It's like, she's not the same anymore. She no longer be the one who is close to you, like she used to be. That, the distance between you two has grown so big by the time you realise someone has stolen her from you. That she barely has time for you anymore. And everytime when she's with you, sure the other friend will be around, guarding her too.

I miss the time when I bunked in her room in KTSN, just to two of us, and the next day she's off for her sports competition, representing UKM. It was just the two of us, and I always love the time spent with her. I miss the time when I bumped into her in KTSN cafe. We could sit down and have a meal together, catching up with her always means a lot to me, because I really love her as a good companion. And she seems to understand whatever is my concern. She doesn't judge me. She is gentle.

She is still gentle. But she has lost the warmth in her. She doesn't understand how a friend would feel now beside the another friend. Everything is about her another friend, who is closer to her, and takes good care of her.

I quarrelled with that friend of hers. But the fact that she has changed, hurts me the most. Because I have lost a friend as precious as a jewel to me, a friend I have always, ALWAYS adore deeply. Have you ever have a friend whom you never dislike, even a bit? Like the cute chipmunks you'll always go "aww.." everytime you see them?

I can't afford to loose a friend like her. Becausa it aches so much that I doubt I'll ever recover.

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