Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Desk! (edited)

I've added a desk in my room after much decidophobing thinking. And a book shelf, too. Or maybe I shouldn't call it a book shelf so that I can resist the temptation to fill it up with more books (and not finish reading them).

Before the addition, the makeshift cotton wardrobe is in the room, on the left. There is already a table in the room but apparently it is not big enough for me to do something productive at it, i.e., studying. Eventually I found out that the said wardrobe can be replaced with a small desk (which alone is too small to be my study desk as well), and join with the existing table to give me sufficient space!

So here it is. The brown shelf on the left is also a new addition.

While the wardrobe is shifted to the door.
And if I were to put down my bed to sleep, it looks like this:

Hope I can get use to the new arrangement pretty soon :)


Xu Vin said...

it looked like u put ur wardrobe outside ur room door in the hallway. lol! *still cant picture how ur room layout is like ahaha. lovely new desk!

yiLiaN said...

i think u'll be missing ktsn's single room, except that ktsn doesn't have a swimming pool. :P

Gine said...

Xu Vin: Then come visit my place! ;-)

Yi Lian: Yes I certainly miss KTSN's single room. Even the double or triple room is nice enough, with huge desk and huge bookshelf on the wall (back then).. nice old KTSN..