Monday, January 04, 2010

One God

Come ON, people! It's only a word! How many times do you have to appeal to AVOID someone mentioning the existence of God? Huh? HUH? Oh, unless you:

(a) believe in the existence of more than ONE God hence you make other people to use other names for their God(s). Let's say the word is a Kata Nama Khas, and there's only one God. Hence there should only be one name for Him. Period. If it's a Kata Nama Am, in whatever language it is, anyone who can speak may have the right to speak in the language that they're comfortable in, especially on this personal matter of religion and faith.

(b) believe that your religion is much more superior than others' hence you can copyright the word and maybe later the entire language. Language will then no longer be an art, because art has no boundaries. Language will no longer be a part of a culture to represent your identity. Because outsider cannot understand you, let alone the uniqueness of your so-called identity.

(c) your religion only center around that particular word and not the messages He wants to convey to you. Look at what you're doing, really. You spent day and night defending the word. What have we all learnt from you about your religion? That the word is exclusive to your religion. Period. What does your religion teach the followers? Love? Peace? We cannot really see that - You actually needed our PM to urge you to remain calm after the High Court ruled that some other people may use the word too. I wonder how peaceful our PM thought you were. But we're pretty sure it contains one word that means one God. But what does the one God teach us? Nevermind, it's not that important. Just remember the word. Don't you prefer more people to understand your religion beyond just the exclusivity of the word? Mind you, the word is not exclusive to your religion at the very first place. While all you care, is the word. Great.

That's how you show respect to the decision made by the High Court, huh? That whatever decision you don't like, you throw tantrum and let someone come and calm you down, and appeal against the decision for gazillion times until it's ruled otherwise. I have wasted my time wondering what is the job scope of Home Ministry and what are we paying them for.

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Xu Vin said...

well said.. before this there was a case whr they tried suing a BM church in swak for using the word Allah as well. i dunno wad happened in the proceedings tho.

i tink another reason, would be just to jar up political support from the radicals. u get wad i mean. i dun actually dare to elaborate. hehz.