Friday, January 08, 2010

Troubled Soul

Sometimes we thought our politicians are stupid. But I guess they're pretty smart when they know where to pick to stir people's heart, make themselves the center of attention and everyone talks about them - the whole free publicity package. I wanted to ignore the whole fiasco, assuming that everyone who has a sound mind can make their own judgement about what is right and wrong. But the fact that places of worship were burnt down and cars with symbols of Christianity were smashed proved that Malaysian is still far from achieving this expectation.

Or maybe we used to understand the idea of being respectful and tolerance to others. We used to have the kind of pure friendship that crosses cultural, religious, ethnic, racial borders. We understood we were different, yet we're so similar that we can speak each other's language. We were excited about the diversity. Our innocence gave us a pure heart. We loved each other so much that it aches me to see others condemn your beliefs even if I'm of different religion.

But what happen, is more than just confusion about religion (if there's any). I'd forgive one who acts without understanding. It's pitiful they have yet to understand the beauty of each religion, or the idea of religion means living a purposeful life guided with righteousness and truth.

But what I see, is the seed of pseudo-superiority being planted in the hearts of certain group of people, the abuse of religion by political leaders who does not put the people's best interest first. Even if they seem like championing your religion, seem to act with faith to fight evilness, do not be fooled by what you see.

Making one religion a national religion, doesn't make it a more superior religion in a country. Giving special rights and privileges to a group of people doesn't mean they shall forever stand at a higher ground and rule the rest. Sadly, when these two situation have been in-stored for too long in a country, the seed of superiority grows wild. With constant supply of fertilizers and sufficient surviving factors, it gets out of control, like a cancer. And eventually it spreads like virus to infect more people. The innocent will have their mindset distorted. They are CONFUSED by the blessings they received, which were taken out from the pockets of those who don't. They have changed, taken things for granted, and expected more to be given to them because they are "suppose" to be treated differently at the first place due to their superior status, at the cost of others' dreams and expectation.

They claim it is to avoid confusion. However, the more you want to protect a community from confusion, the more they are vulnerable to deviation and confusion that basically exist in every aspects in their life. I am decidophobe, I hate making decision but I know sometimes I just cannot avoid it. Making a decision makes me understand myself better. Likewise for being confused. Nobody like to be confused. We like things to be crystal clear, and easy to understand. But unfortunately confusing factors are every where. In fact, we have to live by walking out of confusions with better understanding and wisdom, so that we can grow as a human who thinks with their brain.

They claim it's because of the issue of sensitivity. That even if their holy book does not say the word is exclusive to them, but because if they are using the word, others who also use it may confuse their believers. That the community who profess in that faith is too large for us to ignore the diverse socioeconomic background, and hence their religious education level as well. That others have to understand that many of them have yet to grasp the essence of their teachings and hence a sensitive word may cause great confusion and deviation from the truth. But how about they confusing the other party who are also using it instead? Are they proudly committing crimes which themselves condemn? Every religion is perfect. You just need to have a little more faith in your religion to see that. If you don't, then it's too bad. No matter what others do, or DON'T do, it cannot help you to understand it better if you don't play your part.

Conflicts that stem out of religious differences do not only paint a bad picture of the side who started it, but also to the whole idea about religion. Atheist all around the world are happily condemning the existence of religion and the chaos caused by its differences. Burning down worship places only add to their list of evidences and reasonings that religion is a bad thing. Probably the following arguments are God does not exist and even if He does, He loves shedding of blood and hatred among its people. While the faithful have been working hard to restore the good image and debated hard to rescue God's kingdom, their own brothers and sisters are the one ruining their effort. Students were forced to swallow the entire History text books (which was more to History of a particular religion than the history of other happenings) and again forced to attend TITAS which was more to the said religion teaches Peace (like DUH, every other religion teaches Peace, too, ok?) for damages that they did not contribute, but their forefathers. Maybe the fight should stop now, already?

On the ruling of the High Court. It just shows how insignificant a decision from our High Court is. No matter how "high" it is, it's not higher than the Home Ministry's hand, it is no higher than the threat of the short-tempered, it is no higher than those who are too short to see that they are no more superior than others when it comes to obeying the law. It doesn't matter if the judge was a wise judge or the decision was made after days and nights of whole case studying and legal-clauses scrutiny. All it matters, is to entertain those who speak loudly, act violently, or anything that can be defined as terrorism.

I honestly love Malaysia and love my Muslim friends. I still do. Despite the fact that my fellow Christian brothers and sisters were being prosecuted because of the conflict with their religion, despite some people were committing evil acts in their name, despite the fact that we are different and inherently worship different Gods (but some say it's the same, yet it doesn't really matter). Because I understand what love is. Do you?

Whatever that happens, please remember to come back to Him. Refer His Words to find out the truth and ask for better understanding about His teachings. Because all things were created by Him. To love Him, is to love all his Creation. To believe in Him, is to uphold and live out His principles.

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