Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wandering Heart

I couldn't help but to start thinking of what to pack and what to DO on the train back home for CNY. I've taken half day leave on Thursday 11/2/10 to go back in that afternoon. Yes, traveling by train! I'm really looking forward to it even though it's not the first time already.

Before that, I need to buy the roast pork slices (what do you call that in English actually?) for my mum from one of the famous shop here. I bought some home during Christmas upon her special request. I never get crazy over it but my mum seemed to be very happy. Hence I'm going to do that everytime I go home :)

Besides, I'm going to make sure I've got my sweater ready, MP3 fully charged and preferably with some new songs, a WordSearch puzzle and a pen, and also, the Tetris gameboy! Oh yeah, may need to buy some batteries for back-up as well. Oops, looks like I've forgotten to name the book I want to bring with me for this trip. That African book is with Jeremy! Hope the condition of the book is still alright :) Maybe I'll just stick to Jodi Picoult's Handle With Care for now. And some tissue with me as I read, just in case.

Sigh, and will be out of Internet for 6 hours. SIX hours! And I'm going to take train come back KL as well. Total will be at least 12 hours! Half a day without Internet, rawr! Hope the train does not delay please please please!

And, I am confirmed not going for my company trip to China now. I know I have given up a golden opportunity to travel with minimal expenses, and definitely will miss a lot of fun with my colleagues. There are some reasons I gave it up. And I someone feel peaceful with the decision now. Thank God I have found a replacement so I don't have to bear the cost. Hope everyone will have a wonderful experience there!

As for now, STUDY! I attended a short course on basic insurance principles in Malaysian Insurance Institute today. Boy the speaker was great! Enjoyed his class and he made me want to prepare myself better for tomorrow's session. After much thinking, I have decided to take up diploma subjects on insurance soon. My Dad a.k.a. the big boss encourages me. I like superiors and colleagues who encourage one's continuous development in the career. I need to check out the class schedule and my financial capability first. Hope everything will work out.

That's all for now. And people please use Google Calendar and share it with me! Or Wave, or both, please? :D

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