Friday, January 15, 2010

Seriously seriously?

Burning down churches doesn't make me angry. Not even a bit. I was only frustrated that some Malaysians are still unbelievably uncivilised. What makes me really mad is that the police actually spend time screening through posts in Facebook and track down people who "abuse" the online social tool. They actually take everything posted in Facebook seriously. Like, seriously seriously? Which era are they living in now?

We are living in the era where we don't just rely on one source for information, or easily being influenced by something said in a website. Even news in The Economist or New York Times, though everything has been edited and proof-read before publishing it online, the readers still have the responsibility to analyse the information and think critically whenever they read.

What's more, it's just an online social tool called Facebook, hello? It's true that many people are using it. But come on, who actually take things seriously in Facebook? It's more to a place for most people to NOT be themselves rather than the other way round. My Typing Maniac scores actually beat yours, I can so totally put it in my resume to apply work. Someone offered to splash petrol in churches if only any one would pay him, and this fellar got caught because of offering it, irregards if it was for real or other wise. How about those who had actually splashed petrol or red paints at churches? Where are they? Are they caught?

Don't think as the government has given a sum of money to repair the damage, the issue is over. We are still waiting to hold the real culprit responsible. After all, the money that the government gave away, comes from OUR pockets, too. Why do all of us have to be responsible for the damages when it wasn't us who started the fire at the first place?

Even if you were to charge one to serve as the warning message for the rest, to make everyone view this sensitivity issue seriously, I assure you that no one is going to take you seriously from now. We took the law seriously. We followed it. But what will happen if we don't? Nothing. Someone throw cow head in a Hindu temple, nobody got kick out of country even if he did not abide to the constitutional law that says we have to be respectful to others' religion. Someone smashed the cars, destroy properties that were not theirs, but the police defended the criminals by saying the smashing-cars issue were only rumors. Someone damaged the worship places, by fire or by red paints, the police sat in front of the computer checking Facebook. Someone stole the jets and sold them to a company in South America, but no one was hold accountable. Two freakingly huge jets for goodness sake! And nobody actually noticed that they were gone instantly?!

They can't catch the big fish, then maybe some small ikan bilis will do, huh? After all the People only want to see some result, no? And soon we will clap hands that some people were caught and made it to the headline of national newspaper, even if he is not necessarily responsible for the actual crime. Because we need to blame it to someone else, and close the case, and focus on 1Malaysia.

Malaysia Boleh.


prethivan said...

hi cher linn!! visitin ur blog aftr such a long time!! hahaha. hmmmm cher, cn i say sumtin?? hmmm i totally agree with u,dt hw important it is to bring d real culprit to d eyes of law on d matter of vandalizin churches as they have totally violatd all of our feelings and as well our as our constitution.i really hope dt police can bring dis ppl 2 justice. bt at d same time,dont u tink,critisezin d force 4 arrestin d dumb fellow who publishd dt dumb statement in fb,is kinda of unfair??? itz nt dt d police force sit infront of their latopz n screen thru fb n twitter for unjustified comments.these kind of comments come 2 attention of police bcz public is voicin much as it is easy 2 say dt v live in new era,n ppl dont take take evrytin in d interent seriously,bt v need 2 bear in mind,dt is nt true on case by case basis.there are dumb ppl in dis new era,for example like me!! lolx. i mean come on,i do blieve up 2 a cetain extent on certain things in internet.for ex,mic youth lodged a report on a comment on fb(if im nt mistaken)which statd dt they r gonna attack(no idea in what form) on thaipusan day,wich is around d corner! come on no fool willl take it lightly! d racial relationship in malaysia is considerd as in stable tension.n dtz is y it is even more needed, to catch dis kind of ppl in dis modern era.bcz dis small unreasonable claim wil b good enough 2 spark a big clash.
havin said dt, i do agree wit u,police will definetly have arrest d big fish bcz as long as they exist freely among ourselves,in d names os teacherz,politicians,students,ngo's, d prob wil continually exist n dt wil b even a bigger threat 2 our nation.... bt,simultanoeusly, wat im tryin 2 say is those ppl,who hav been categorised as small fish by d society,r posing equal threat 2 our nation,n dtz y dey shld b given equal importance 2 arrestd.(i noe it sounds kinda funny)......

jerry said...

cherlinn, while/if u r writing ur next post on the Allah issue. i hope dat u remember dat u have frens from other races too. u always came across2 me to be a rational person. however, as much as i share ur thought n belief in the universal usage of 'Allah' as a word for worship, regardless of religious difference, i think dat ur recent posts have gotten rather onesided n offensive towards the muslims... i dun like controvesy, i never conduct actions dat bring more harms to a (already) bad n twisted situation. I hope dats u can take a deep breath, n step to the muslim's side n try 2 understand why they did wat they did... of cos, i dun like wat they did but does adding the fuel to burning fire works to stop the fire? suddenly i hate blogging ord...

Gine said...

I hope that you can take a deep breath, and re-read my post(s). This post isn't written on the aspect of different religions about the Allah issue to begin with (check out how Prethivan interpret it). In fact, none of the posts is. I cannot categorise all the wrong-doers as Malays or Muslims because I've had different opinions on this issue coming from both Malays and Muslims. There are Muslims who find it offensive when non-Muslims use the word, but some think otherwise. Some claim it may cause confusion, while some admit they've flipped through the whole Bible and at the same breath told me Islam God is real. None of the post pointed the fault at the Malays nor at the Muslims, but at the wrong do-ers in general - those who intend to cause chaos, to exploited religion to catch attention, those who don't obey the law but are not punished, those authorities who were not held accountable for their corruption and abuse of power. Like it or not, controversies are ugly. By writing these posts doesn't equal me to adding fuel to the fire - the same way it wasn't the fault of the High Court when the irrationals started burning churches after the former's decision was announced. I am only pressing for transparency which the politicians promised. I hope I am not exploited by believing it.

Hint: this post is about pressing the authority to be effective and efficient in having justice served.