Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good Laughs

I'm not sure if my funny bone is different from the rest, but I do find peculiar things funny at times, or laugh at things which usually don't make other people find them amusing.

I have a number of times giggling at lecturers who are, well, to me, witty. But no other people in the class seems to think so. Maybe sometimes the lecturers didn't mean to sound witty, but I find the situation to be funny, at that moment. If there's a chance the same situation occurs again, maybe I won't be laughing then, maybe.

I have a number of friends whom I find them to be amusing no matter what they do. I can read their blogs complaining about dissatisfaction they faced yet visualise the way they're actually talking that in front of me and...laugh! They have their own unique way of behaving, and I love to be with them because they're behaving like themselves - one of a kind ;-)

And sometimes I laugh as I read what people are doing with politics. To me, politics are just like dramas sometimes. The sudden fall and rise of a nation, an out-of-no-where decision to veto stem cell research, the leader of a particular country didn't turn up at a peace talk yet tell the public that he's still committed to it and etc. Ha, what can be more important than the peace of a nation? And the talk is suppose to bring related parties together and discuss the issue - they didn't turn up yet still committed? I'm SOO gonna believe in that!

I think sometimes we just have to find something to laugh at in our daily lifes. I need laughter more than I need coffee. Some of the times I even laugh at myself! It's even more amusing and healthy. Look at the things you did, have a good laugh, then move on.

Life is too short to worry. We can worry for it's our nature. But not too much of it. Remember that God is always with us! Laughter is still the best medicine =)

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zephyrcj said...

i do agree with what you is too short to worry. life is too short to hold back.

i love to laugh as well.. and most of the time i am the only one laughing out loud and the others will just look strangely at me or they just laugh behind their hands, it seems fake (my POV). to me, if you are happy, you just have to laugh out loud; when you are sad, you just have to cry out loud (but of course, to your own pillow, lol..).

all the time i laugh at things that others don't find amusing, that's because i look at things differently from them. from another perspective, i should say. well, it is just their loss if they take things seriously all the time.