Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Taken Granted

Many a times we have taken a certain things for granted. Of course, most of the time, we didn't mean it. Something, or someone are actually very important to us. Its existence serves a lot of purposes, his or her company means a lot to us. But because it is given to us abundantly, soon enough, we have forgotten to treasure it. Because he or she has no intention to ask anything for return, token of appreciation is thought to be redundant.

As we continue to ask for even more from that party, we never feel guilty about it. Because it is omnipresent, because he or she is always available (or will do everything to make himself/herself available), higher expectation is put on them - and they never give a sigh about the growing demand.

Yet, underneath, the strength is weaken, the spirit is demotivated, and the passion is fading. The seed of doubt is germinating - is what he/she do all this while worth while or needed by the receivers? The journey ahead soon fills with hesitation.

Showing appreciation isn't something difficult to do, especially if the contributor doesn't expect it. But it is not unimportant. In fact, it is the other way round - appreciation boosts a person's drive to work harder and to give even more, willingly.

A word of praise, a pat at the back, a smile of appreciation - do all these cost you a cent? Yet it worths a world to those who have been working hard at the back stage - unseen, presence unfelt. Should you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and heart to feel, you can experience the cry of longing from the tired soul.

Nonetheless, the problem still lies in where people are too blind to see and too deaf to hear the yearning. They are always busy with something more urgent, more important, more fragile. It's not that they don't want to show appreciation, they are just too pre-occupied. And things are taken for granted.

However the most fragile thing is the heart which gives unconditionally, the most precious thing is the kind gesture out of genuine sincerity and compassion. The same old physics theory is applicable here: we have to use the same direction and amount of force to meet or stop the counterpart. Something priceless has to be met with its priceless counterpart too. And since it is priceless, it shouldn't give us any excuse not to show appreciation.

If you realise you have to give thanks, never delay. Everytime is the best time to tell someone your appreciation. Show your respect to the things you receive everyday abundantly - love, concern, clean air and etc. And that is good enough.

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