Wednesday, May 07, 2008

When someone is leaving a team or a group of people, there will be response like "Oh, thank you for your contribution all this while." and other words of appreciation.

Even if the contribution is very little, we still have to say we appreciate it, or at least, don't say that it is insignificant.

But there's someone from the debating team is leaving. Why don't I feel his departure is a significant loss? I so wish to say that:" Oh, ok. Thanks for being with us for the past two years (though for the last year your presence wasn't really felt)." But it sounds wrong, hence I refrain myself from saying it out loud. He's already half gone for all this while - does it make any difference now? No, it doesn't.

Seriously. When one's departure doesn't really put more burden unto another's shoulder, I wonder if it really matters anymore. When that someone walks out of my life, I wonder if I really care because for all this while, he doesn't really help much in sharing the burden either. Though I have to clarify he did turn up for a few occasions to help up, but...really...I don't care if he's leaving or staying - though remain transparent.

Call me mean. But really. I don't feel sad. I don't feel like I've lost a limb.


*relieve* It feels so good to be able to say this outloud. :D


Teddy said...

now now now..
dun b too harsh..

u r UKM medic student? 2nd year ah?

itu Jonoave is wat student ? oso medic? leave comment in his blog hor, he nvr reply de... sienz... hahahaha =P

Anonymous said...

i don feel in your way, someone may be really unimportant. but his/her presence is stil mean something. let say if 1 of our coursemate is leaving, though i hav never talked to him o hav any form of interaction with him o i hav been quarrel with him. in some way, i stil feel sad as after the leave i may not see him again. y did he/she leaving? do u ever think of the reason behind? when people are leaving 1 by 1 from u, then onli u wil notice wat hav been wrong. i didn say u hav done wrong thing, but somebody leaving stil is a sad thing.


cher linn said...

Thanks william for your thought =)

You are right. When someone is leaving, it's a sad thing. That's why I don't understand why can't I feel the loss. I feel so wierd but it's true. My previous post was only talking about showing more appreciation towards small things but here I am, in uncertainties.

I can't deny it anymore hence I decided to shout it here rather than other places =)