Friday, May 09, 2008

A Trusted Friend

I'm writing this for a friend of mine whose departure is never thought to be so painful that as I watch him walks further and further away, my throat tightened and words are jumbled up. I can only managed:"Bye, Thompson!"

He's the kind of friend whom you can fully trust. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that we're from the same home town but whenever I face family problems I'll share with him. It is difficult to find someone who'd find balance between sharing and solving problems. I can't expect him to interfere and give comment or solve my family problems. But he's the one who'd listen and be empathy towards how you feel. He understands that whenever I have something to talk to him disregards of the time, there must be something serious and affected me so deeply that I can't handle it alone.

He's the kind of friend who'd compose songs and let me be the first few to listen and comment. You can expect what kind of comment coming from someone who hasn't even pass the first grade of guitar lesson like yours truly here, haha. But he'll listen still. And I feel very honored. I still love one of his songs - How Can I Let Her Know. It's a very beautiful love song which will warm your heart and make you feel peaceful everytime listen to it. But *ahem* yes, without him singing in the song. (Haha, sorry, bro :p)

He's the kind of friend who's willing to be the chauffer for girls and go out for movies and shopping together. He even needs people to nag beside him while he's driving so that he can concentrate on the road. And he's even more willing to wake up earlier so that he can pick me up while on the way to Sunday service at his church.

He's of the same age as me but sometimes he's still like a big boy who'd insist to watch his childhood hero movie - Spiderman. He's the kind of pianist that when he plays the piano in the hall in KTSN, I can guess it's him by listening from outside the hall. Really. I somehow know it's him though it is very surprising to see him there that day - I was just arriving at KTSN for debate training while he's packing his stuff to move to HUKM to start him new term on the next Monday. By luck, I guess.

He's the kind of friends who can see you crying in front of him and force you to tell him what's going rather than feeling helpless. It's really rare for it's coming from a guy. He'll listen halfway and talk to you about the controversial Malaysian MPs behaviour in the first parliment. I wonder how does he know that it'll make me laugh amidst my tears.

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Teddy said...

no nid sad..
he stil ur fren even though he is in HUKM but u in KKL..
dun worry...
its great u found a great friend u know...
be happy on dat...