Sunday, May 18, 2008

Night mares

Having two stupid night mares in a row really doesn’t make my day. Thinking back, the night mares were pretty silly and funny. But they did disturb my sleep and this morning I woke up feeling very awful.

I dreamed that a friend of mine thought that I told everyone that he is my boyfriend and that pissed him off. Well, of course I didn't, and we’re both good friends, surely we don’t want such rumors circulate among us. The thought of him being angry at me really saddened me. The emotion was very real although it’s just a dream. A night mare, I mean.

After that, I dreamed that another friend of mine is getting engaged/married (can’t remember). I do have a friend who’s engaged in March. It’s exciting to know that and I’m happy for her. But this friend in my dream, well, I’ve never known she’s in a relationship or a lovey-dovey kind of person, yet. Besides, she loves her job and *ahem* loves traffic jams – I doubt if she had time for all these. Most of all, she’ll never rush into a marriage if she’s not ready for it and no one can force her to do so. What happened in my dream was, she’s not sure if she’s ready for it! Oh, no! Half of me was already planning to convince her to runaway! Yet, I didn’t manage to do that because I was scared off my bed on the thought of her getting married in the first place.

Stupid dreams.

But these dreams are not more stupid than Myanmar military junta who doesn’t allow foreign medical and food aids to go into their land to relieve the cyclone victims there. Their reasons for being stupid? The junta are afraid of the foreign aids will reap them off power in Myanmar after 46 years of iron ruling there. Nargis cyclone was a natural disaster all right, we all knew that. But if they stop foreign communities to give help, the junta will have to pay the price for they’re the one causing secondary disaster there. The rise of death toll will no longer due to the natural disaster – it’s the junta that causes the loss of life there! Let the relieve aids in, stupid!

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Teddy said...

hope u din pee on ur bed after getting two nite mares.. hehehe