Monday, May 26, 2008

Stop Dreaming about HIM!

I really have no whatsoever idea on what spell has hit me. I've been having dreams (ok, be able to remember my dreams) lately. It is VERY unusual because I don't normally have dreams or wake up remembering my dreams I had while I'm asleep - I do daydreaming most of the time, you see.

For the past 7 days or so, I've been having dreams in my sleep and I remembered some of them! If this is not the weirdest part, then how about this: this guy friend of mine has been appearing in all of the dreams I can rememeber, except the not-ready-go-get-married-girl-friend dream as mentioned previously. Everything is normal in the dream, seeing him and etc, but I still can't accept the fact that he appears in my dream again and again! By right I'm the type of person who can sleep deep and tight till day light, waking up feeling fresh, not remembering anything happened while asleep.

What is wrong..? Dreaming about him isn't a bad thing. That's the point. Because of this, I'm confused why do I bother about this..

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Teddy said...

deep down inside, u know u want him!!!