Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sensitised funny bone

After a few days of great depression, suddenly the sense of humour rebound and my funny bone is sensitised! I laughed when I was reading Teddy's comment, laughed when I was chatting with Shyang Heng in MSN, laughed when helping mum to mark her standard two students' essays, laughed even louder when chatting with Catherin Kho from UM. That girl is really random! Anyway, *high five* dear =)

I think I just need to readjust to the normal me, where stress and laughter should remain balance. when there are great depression, I need great laughter as rehab. How to get more laughter? Sensitise your funny bone!

Have a nice day laughing, folks! :D


Teddy said...

errr.. did i miss something?
which part of my comment is funny?!
hehehe.. plz explain ...

so u r pharmacy student?

happy to know i somehow brighten up ur day.. hehe.. happy laughing...


cher linn said...

the whole part especially the part where you laughed out loud =)

No, I'm now taking Biomedical Science/3

Teddy said...


nice meeting u...

i c u r penang ppl? hokkien maybe?

my cBox has turned good after receiving some reprimanding frm me earlier.. haha

Teddy said...

cantonese ah?!
ic ic.
im hokkien...
not frm penang though..
enjoying holiday?
or LI now?