Thursday, May 29, 2008


Have you ever been anxiously waited for someone’s call, email or message? Boy, it’s such a wait, isn’t it? It’s quite suffering but it’s exciting at the same time. Looking forward to his/her response, clinging to the slightest hope that he/she might reply in anytime soon. One will eagerly anticipating the response, wishing for the best yet realistically pulling ourselves back to the most likely and sometimes quite disappointing answer.

And if the reply is finally here, even if it’s the simplest reply, it means very much to us. It still makes us chuckle and sleep with a smile on our face. Like a poor kid sleeps with his blanket on in a cold winter night, I smiled with affection after reading his reply. Finally I’m satisfied to called it a day, tucked in with a heart filled with warmth…and slight disappointment.


Teddy said...

you're in love? hehehe

Cher Linn Tang said...

I think I'm just having a crush on the same guy as mentioned looong ago. Or maybe the crush hasn't faded. I'm confused too, haha =)

OK, I should STOP this.

Teddy said...

have u told him that u have a crush on him?

BernardC said...

crush?? A big world for a confused mind!! Good luck!!