Thursday, May 29, 2008

A post on KTSNdebaters's yahoogroup from me dated 18th Feb 08

Hello everyone,

I believe everyone has pretty hectic schedule these days and coming weeks before final exams' shadow begins to loom in again. Academic duties aside, commitment has been given to respective clubs and college activities.

KTSN debaters have not an established club or recognised independence body. Hence, no report is needed whenever we have meeting or training, no annual audit and treasurer reports and etc. Also, we don't have to take attendence for every meeting and training, which, come to think of it, now serves as a double-edged sword for our team.

We have the reason not to be aware of the trainings and announcement simply because some of us don't have "free" internet access to such information. We have the reason not replying to mails asking if you're available for trainings and tournament. Ever wonder how the debaters before you keep themselves well-informed of the team's progress?

We have the reason for others to personally sms us then only we'd reply "not sure" or "not going" without much explanation of the reason behind, provided they would reply. We simply don't feel the responsibility to be present irregards if a lot or very little people are attending the event. Hence we don't feel the responsibility to inform others why we are absent.

Debating training has become something we can "choose" to attend or otherwise, rather than the usual idea of being a member means you have the responsibility to attend any sorts of meetings and oblige to commit to any events organised by the team. It is very saddening to hear someone told me that "If the training is in KTSN, 'maybe' I'll attend.". I never thought of this can be a reason for not attending trainings. If you can make it to travel to Bangi and come back before curfew, then should the time spent travelling be an excuse for our absent? Well, unless you have exams coming up, such excuse is difficult for me to accept. Of course travelling (especially on KTM) is very tiring, not to mention we travel at our own expences.

But we have to sacrifice something in order to gain something. We can't always expect Bangi debaters to come over here. They've come over here for the second last training, see. We have become selfish whenever we want people to do things in our way or in ways which suit us best, give us the most convenient and etc. We didn't help up with organising the training and yet we expect people to serve us? I don't think someone selfish should stay in any team, such as a debating team, which teamwork is the essence of success for it.

It could be too harsh a rebuke for us to accept. One may think "for all the things I've done for the team, you call us 'selfish'?". Please, it's time to wake up. As we grow older, more and more responsibilities are rested on our shoulders, it's up to us to take it up or put it down. There are more things to learn to handle and give the seniors a hand in organising the team. We are no longer the baby we used to be. We were pampered. It's time we pamper the rest of the team and serve others, give others ocnveniences, willing to sacrifice for the love of the team and have a generous heart to forgive each other if there's any misconduct. Last but not least, loyal enough to stick with each other through good times and bad times, just like a family would do.

I wish so much for our team to grow together - matter, manner and method wise, in becoming a real, professional debater. And I'd be the proudest to watch you guys beating the other teams flat, be the icon in debating scene and etc. If only you guys could wake up from the dream, the dream will come true.

Cher Linn


Teddy said...

wah..y u sound so angry?

Cher Linn Tang said...

haha, long story. It's a part of the depression I suffered from as mentioned previously. But I'm ok now. thanks =)