Friday, April 25, 2008

We Share-Share Lah

"601223046xx telah berkongsi RM5 kepada akaun anda melalui Share-a-Top-Up. Rec#64334291. Baki: RM15.04. Tarikh Luput: 04.05.2008." - From 22121

Huh? Who's this? Why did he/she willingly send me airtime?

As I was checking the owner of the number from my phonebook, my phone beeped again...

"Here's some extra credit. I've quite a lot, since I top up every month and don't have enuf friends to call." - Jonoave

Flabbergasted, I stared at the screen, without meaning to, I bursted out in laughter, experiencing pseudo-asthma attack. The sms from him sounded, erm, pathethic? and I thought I should feel empathy or something. But no, I can't. And I couldn't explain why I felt so funny about that monotonous sms.

Actually my credit was running low as I called up Darryl to discuss the MMU IV issue with him. We decided if Wen Nee couldn't make it for MMU IV, both of us will be going there as adjudicators provided I manage to get UKM KKL transport. And we don't want to (always) involve the "retired" debaters like uncle Jonoave in this small tournament.

Hence after that, I called up Jonoave to inform him our decision - previously I did ask him if he's interested to join our team to debate in MMU for we're lacking one debater. And also talked about the coming Austral training camp and the assignments a little. I happened to inform him some where in the middle of our conversation that if my line broke off, that'll mean my credit is finished. For the last time I checked before I called him up, there's only RM2.14 left *sweat*

After 5 minutes of conversation, we've come to some conclusions and hanged up without any interference from Maxis. And I checked again. The credit left was RM0.04 *BIG SWEAT*

Soon, the two smses above were what I received. Jonoave is always a generous and considerate friend. He understands other people situation and sometimes offer to help voluntarily.

And this idea striked me: Why is it called "Share-a-Top-Up"? There is a sender and a receiver, or in another word, a giver and a receiver. The airtime is not literally "shared" by both of us. Once he had sent it over to me, then it is mine. But Hotlink is smart enough by not making it sounded like donating credit, although the deed is the same. The idea of sharing something from ourselves to others really make us feel closer to another person. And that's what telecommunication for - bringing people closer.

The next day, I need a softcopy for one of the lecture note, and I asked Si Zhe if he had it when I saw him on MSN. He attached it and sent it via MSN to me. Unluckily the wireless connection in my room is too slow and I couldn't receive it successfully. Then poped up is the window of folder sharing. I've never used this function before though I know its existence. And here came his dialogue: "I share with you."

It strikes me yet again, the idea of sharing.

As I ponder deeper on the idea of sharing, I realise the word "sharing" is not really how I understand for all this while. There's no such thing as sharing with each other while maintaining the current quantity we have. It's all about giving and receiving: when we share a piece of cheese cake with friends, we only consumed a part of the cake, the other part is given away; when we share a problem with our friend, the burden is lessen as it is lifted up from our shoulder; when we share a little time with our friends, the time is spent on them, not fully on ourselves; when we share a part of our life with someone, we give a part of our time, money, attention and etc, to them. These things are considered lost as we sacrifice them for the sake of others.

However, not all sharing will cause losses: when we share a lame joke with others the happiness doubled as we laugh hysterically together, when we share the knowledge on breast cancer and spread the awareness, the receivers will be benefited, and at the same time, we gain more understanding as we explore more on the issue; when we share the love we have, we will not run out of love but receive even more in return - without asking for it! This shows that when we share, we experience gains or losses - and we love every bit of it if we do it out of genuine generosity or compassion.

Sharing gives us a sense of hope. We know that someone is willing to spend a little time with us, to share what they have with us, not leaving us behind. We show our care for others when we share something with them. Afterall, no matter what we are sharing, we are sharing a part of us with them, and granting them the access to our life, the right to take away a part of us, and the right to top-up a part of us. What is more, our quality of life is improved, albeit a little, as we share.

If you were asked: Does mankind still have hope?

The answer simply depends on whether or not human are willing to share a future with each other. If Isreal and Palestine are willing to share the piece of Holy Land, there sould be less wars in there. If we are willing to share a little food with the poverty-stricken countries, there'll be less people dying from starvation. If we are willing to share a little time with others by praying for them, there'll be more love among us.

So, let's share-share lah =)

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