Sunday, April 13, 2008

Now I See It

For those who had read the previous post (Aftermath), hopefully you'll be able to relate or understand this post better.

As I've missed the piece of information regarding Prof. Salmaan's tutorial, I was quite upset about it. Honestly, the reasons behind this was (1) he's a good lecturer with substance, disregard how you comment about the last tutorial as "nothing important", and (2) he is a witty lecturer - I mean, don't you feel alive everytime you listen to him talk? Human needs humour in life!

Now come Prof. Baha's tutorial - another outstanding and passionate educator too good to work under UKM. This time I received the sms from our class representative, Abang Saleh, as how we call him. And I passed it on down and up the chain so that hopefully this time it works in dwi-direction. And I sent it to William who also missed out SMS that day. And one to VJ, Merlinda and Chiun Chuan, respectively. And I put it as my MSN common message. Nolie saw the message and confirm with me again. I suppose she has yet to receive the message from her chain of friends, but I believe she will be the first one to initiate the forwarding business and get every possible souls informed.

I've become more aware of the importance of effective SMS forwarding system - if not because of the price I paid to be bestowed awareness. Now when I look back, I re-learnt the lesson : there is indeed reason behind for everything which has happened in our life. Be it a friend, an incident, etc. If we learn to appreciate it, then only we'll be touched by it.

We're unaware of the sufferings of many sad incidents in other land because we have yet to experience it. We're always in our comfort zone. We never appreciate electricity because it's so abundant in a big city like KL that even if there's a blackout - it'll resume in a blinking of eyes. We never (ok, sometimes) appreciate the some old economy rice served on our table because we know we'll be eating the same dish tomorrow, or even during the next meal! But if you've gone to a mission trip or visited some under-developed countries, we'll always be reminded of the condition there and learn to be more thankful.

But those people who are suffering play an important role in spreading awareness to us. If not because of wars and many lives lost in it, we wouldn't have kiss our love-ones everyday (no, I'm not thanking Bush for it, he's still an a** hole); if not because of male homosexuals, we wouldn't have found out that HIV is transmitted through body fluid and not mere physical hugs.

And I've received a comment from an anonymous regarding my behaviour all these while! Finally it provokes one to tell me straight at my face, which is a way I preferred, but do it privately. And that explains why my words are unpleasant to the ears (OK, sometimes is my manners): those words are something people usually bitch about it behind our backs, but I said them at their face. Honestly, if you know it'll benefit me, you gotta tell me about it long ago. I have been ignorant sometimes, that's why friends (who claim to be sincerely concerning you) are the one who should give you a whack at the head - all the time. Though I've yet to know how exactly I'm going to change, hopefully that person will contact me at my email or something.

p/s: Chui Yoke says she did forward me the message, it's just that I didn't receive it. It could be the telecommunication system technical problem. Please don't tell me it's my Samsung Ted Baker's fault - it's still new. I believe it has not suffered from any suffocation as it flew back from Newcastle that day.

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