Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Missing You

The chilling wind blows, the dark clouds loom in. Blinding lighting strikes a sense of fear into me, loud thunder soon follows. Down pouring rain is anticipated, yet again.

Standing in the hallway, alone. Watching the greyish sky , oh so familiar.

The tree leaves spring into a dance, ready to soak in the shower. Little flowers sing, embracing themselves to survive through the down pour. Humble grass hold their breath in preserverance, determine to smile at the rainbow after rain.

The nature, isn't very natural, especially when it is mixed with a complicated emotion inside. It becomes humane. It reminds me of a friend, only whom can stir my emotion, silently, violently.

It is a surprise. After all this while, he is still on my mind. New friends come and go, so is he. But his smiles never leave. His shadow is everywhere.

Wake up! He is no longer here!

Eyes closed, I shake my head, trying to swing him off my mind. Yet, like a stubborn dirt, no solution is effective enough to eliminate him from my consciousness. The stain stays, the emotion lingers. My heart is calling the name whose owner is miles away.

Did you hear it?

The thunder roars and the wind pierces my bone, sending shivers down my spine. My heart aches and my mind floats.

Oh gravity! Pull me back!

Crystal drops scattered on the soil, roof, cars and leaves, concerting harmonic orchestra. The power of nature speaks with authority. It is loud, but I hear silence. It is a teamwork, but I fight the battle alone - the battle to get over with the fact that...

I still miss you.

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