Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Because I...

Do you sometimes have too many things to blog about but ended up only saying a sentence which has nothing in relation to what you want to blog about?

These days I keep having random sentences popping up in my mind. Most of them starts with the word "because".

Because I know you want me.

Because I have my heart string attached to the guitar you're strumming.

Because I am not the innocent girl whom you can easily manipulate now. Because I have been away and am changed. Because I am stronger now. Because I don't feel for you now. Because you cannot influence me now. Because I don't bother to give you a damn anymore.

Because the world stops when a Burmese jokes with a Nepali like a brother :) Because nothing else matters but friendship which crosses racial, cultural and nationality borders.

Because I grow an inch more mature as I feel with my heart.

Because I wonder if you're still the same you.

Because Pau is a great guy and a helpful friend.

Because finally Keh Len reminds of something other than McD: Gossip Girls!!

Because of Sexy Kitten by Kevin and Xu Vin


fea said...

hey! that cat is TOTALLY DEFINITELY Postman Pat's cat, Jess! you should watch Postman Pat! he's happy!

Gine said...

Haha, thanks for introducing Postman Pat to me :) I've checked out the background of the animation, sounds interesting! I always fancy British children animation, but wasn't much exposed to it compare to American's. I have unexplaninable likings for the touch of British ;-)
But erm, the soft toy is more adorable than Jess in the animation. So I'll still call it Sexy Kitten *grin*