Sunday, May 03, 2009

Forgive Him and Love the Weather

Oh, slash the previous post. It's plain stupid to be mad at such an adorable guy. It wasn't his fault, and he actually meant it with good intention. I should have more faith in him, shouldn't I? What was I kia su-ing for lar?! *slap forehead*

A sudden joy swoops past me, and forgiving someone is such a wonderful feeling.

Ah, the weather is lovely. I want to go the Titiwangsa lake and 
sit down and stare at the sky
read a book beside the lake
walk around the park (and avoiding the grass. I have phobia with grass)

If not at the park, maybe I want to go:

Wait! NoOooOoo where DID the last one come from?! Oh yeah, I have phobia with dating, too.

I guess I should just stay in my room and study for my viva (It's tomorrow!!) which consists of friggin' 20% for the total marks for my 12 credit hours thesis!!

And yes, study for Genetic, the last paper to for my four years Biomedical Science university life, which will be on Wednesday. Awesome Brilliant. I am not using the word Awesome for some kia su reason lalala~


Anonymous said...

viva is a test?
for me viva is a presentation.. haha..
but the weather so hot these days.. don't you think so?

Gine said...

yes, viva (=vice versa) is an oral test. We've done our presentation, also had Q&A session during that.

Yes the weather is hot, but for today it's lovely :)

WayeYoung said...

Awesome is an awesome word! lol.

Gine said...

Yes I know! But I just don't want to admit it.

erm, I just did it, didnt I? Haha ;p Thanks for your awesome drop-by!

Humayra' said...

all da best for ur viva cherlin!

btw.. sorry for not saying goodbye to u. finished my papers last thursday, and went straight to plaza rah. meant to meet u before i go back, but have to catch up with my friends.. anyways.. may u graduate with flying colors. and thanks a lot for the time u spend teaching me debate n all..

bye cherlinn.. (^_~)

Gine said...

Thanks darling :) We shall meet each other in future if we got the chance, don't worry :) All the best to you too!