Thursday, May 21, 2009

I fell for a married man

Yes I did. I mean, am.

For the first time I saw him, my heart stopped. The world became silent. His eyes spoke a thousand words to me, then I got drunk, without the help of double shot of Smirnoff. His smile was lethal. It captured my wandering mind and injected a deadly shot of American Idol addiction into me. Or maybe just addiction to him.

I am was never an American Idol (AI) fan. I had never sat in front of the screen long enough to finish a round of the contest. Everyone was talking about how intense the showdown was during the Grand Finale of Season 7, between the two talented and well-loved Davids. I gave a glimpse to David Archuleta, and noticed that he has very cute smile. And I walked off. That was all my AI frenzy, if it was considered as one.

As I got back Penang, I decided to give AI one more try, because apparently I have all the time in the world to do something which I usually don't have the time for. It so happened that the show was on when I was doing channel surfing. I gasped as I saw this charming smile of Kris Allen on the screen. HOT that my TV nearly got exploded! And the show just ended. I made a note to myself that I will catch the next appearance of him on screen.

And I did some background check on that fella. He's from Conway, Arkansas, 23-year-old Christian worship leader in his church, who is majoring in business studies in University of Central Arkansas. He arranges songs into his own styles, sings to reach out and dazzle the audiences, plays guitar, piano, keyboard, and viola. He is shy and humble and such a boy next door! But too bad he's married to his girlfriend of seven years. His voice is comfortable and he sings into everyone's heart. He also has the unexplainable attractiveness which makes no one can take his or her eyes off him.

It also always occurs to me that his competitor from San Diego, California - Adam Lambert, is an outstanding performer, quite obviously to be honest. No one can miss this 26-year-old contestant's high-pitched vocal ability, the ever perfect superstar charismatic moves on the stage (thanks to his experience with theatre and choir during high school, and as a stage actor since young, maybe?) , and the eyeliner ;-) Speaking of aura as an artist, Adam surely has what it takes to be a shining star - confidence, talent, perseverance, handsome and consistently awesome performance to make everyone goes enchanted.

But what is lacking in Adam, yet is found in Kris, is the ability to connect with the audience. What Paula said during the Grand Final about Kris was right - the ability to connect with the audience, as if he was singing to oneself only. When it comes to picking your idol, or the idol for your country, which one will you choose? The one who seems as if he's borned to be IN the spotlight, with his talents casting out doubts about him being crowned as the last one standing, or the one who is well gifted with the art of music and comfortable voice which melts your heart? 

Never mind about the aura and charisma of being a superstar or an artist. Adam could be a great performer, but so what? Kris has what it takes to be one's Idol. Adam could be astonishing, but what makes the entertainment business, is the performance of an artist who can keep the audiences' interest, by connecting to them, and be their real hearthrob. If being an artist was to entertain the audience with one's own style, what could be more important than the ability to dazzle the latter with his songs to give the sense of ultimate closeness and belonging? Being an idol is not just being outstanding with extraordinarily splendid performances, but being one everybody looks up to, to locate the insipration and find refuge in music, the familarity of standing on the ground, just like a boy next door ;-)

p/s: And please, you Adam Lambert's fans, let's face it, Adam's defeat was not because of "Christians" votes to Kris. You can't blame anybody for Adam's inability to make one feels connected to him, and of course, this has nothing to do with Adam being *cough* gay *cough* as well. Alright, maybe with his eyeliner.

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John said...

CHERLINN!!!! awesome post (hp ran out of $, cannot reply ur sms T.T)


ok so kris did win

i totally agree with the "sings to audience... belonging" part, wohoo. i knew he would win since the jazz night (The Wsy You Look Tonight)

and as for the p.s. part, really? there was such brainless controversy about christians voting for him?

Gine said...

yeah, I came across an article where people were questioning it la. If Christians voted for Kris because the latter is one, homosexual counterparts could have vote for Adam for the sake too. If there were so many "hard core" Christians in US who can sway the votes, gay marriages and abortions wouldn't have been allowed in the US at the first place.

Kris said...

Some one with my name..LOL..

Alas..same name does not mean that i can sing like him..lOL

john said...

wow, that was a very calm, composed analysis. i would have gone "what? u filthy !@#$%^&) lol

(p.s. btw it should be "yes i have at the beginning)

john who doesn't know and doesn't care to wrap ur presents

Gine said...

Kris: When I saw your name commented on my post, I thought you were Kris Allen lol! But then, yeah, he won't have visited my humble site anyway ;-) Welcome and thanks for dropping by though, really =)

John: U mean "Yes, I did. I mean, HAVE" ?
And about the presents, you better tell me what it WAS before the degradation by nature due to you not wrapping them up. And you got to tell me NOW before even you've forgotten the origin of it ;p

Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking, I think if voting goes for certain cause... like one for being Cristian and another for being homosexual, then it would have been likened to those reality shows in Malaysia, where people vote for ethnicity factor and not the real talent. But, both of the idols deserves to be on top, so i have not much qualms about it.