Wednesday, May 06, 2009


When we're about to close a chapter, we really want to get everything settled, once and for all, leaving nothing still hanging around.

Things to do:
1. Print thesis for the last round. Before that, edit some minor spelling errors and add a sentence of suggestion at the Abstract, as what my examiner told me.

2. Let my viva examiner look through it before heading off to bind two copies of thesis in hard cover. One for the office, one for my supervisor. Oh. yeah, I need to print four copies, actually, another one for my co-supervisor, and last but not least, for my parents :)

3. Hand in resignation letter to the restaurant I have been working part time at (either today or tomorrow). Actually I took long leave for the past two months, because Jerry said by the time I finished my exam and while waiting for my viva, I'll be dead bored, so better keep the job so that I can return and earn some good money before I leave. Good money MY FOOT la Jerry dear ;p Now my viva actually finished before my final paper, I have to rush to finish up the final seven days of work there, in order to make it seems like I did give seven days notice prior official resignation.

4. Confirm with KTSN office regarding my Tinggal Luar Semester status, where I'll be staying and etc. They will be replacing all the old furnitures with new ones (*Note: as I am about to leave! sigh). So no one is allowed to stay in. I'm really thinking hard how to get ALL my stuff out of my room to a new place, with all the pail, printer, table lamp, BOOKS and etc. sigh. Pau are you reading this? *grin*

5. With that, I need to talk to Joan, Gina and Xue Wei about bunking at their place in Plaza Rah. I've told Sarah last night. But she said she won't be around during my stay, so I better talk to the rest regarding this. Oh yeah, their appartment has a swimming pool!

6. Work all my night away next week in the restaurant. And that reminds me that I have to inform Jerry that I can't make it to the dinner next Thurs night.

7. 13/5 has a briefing and interview with an insurance company, together with other coursemates.

8. 14/5 has an interview with SPA. Oh, I haven't figured out where the place is!! Can any kind sould please tell me where is and how to go to:

*I'll be travelling from Chow Kit monorail station, I guess. many thanks!

9. Call back the HR from previous interview to let her know if I accept or reject their offer.

10. Going back home next Saturday :)

Next big thing: 
1. Pulau Lang Tengah trip with Jerry, Fea, Jun Hoe and Anthony, during the first week of June. Did I miss out anyone?

2. I think I wont be able to make it to the Genting trip at the end of May la. I think. Or maybe... I think... *decidophobia*

3. Graduation! The rehearsal and take the robes and etc. Hopefully already start working by that time :)

Current obsession:
1. Love Story meets Viva La Diva song. It's played non-stop since two days ago.

2. DOME food. Really. Obsessed.

3. Still have the Nobloglergy (No-Blog-Allergy). If I don't blog at least once every alternate day, my hand will have allergy and itchy.

4. Start missing the Team already.

I think that is all for now. Got to really start finishing off my to-do-list. No point listing it out but not doing it, right?



Mike said...

You sound pretty busy. Good luck!!

Gine said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, will be a little busy for this coming week. Hope everything goes well :) You take care too! I've seen you updated a number of interesting topics already, but I don't have time to really read 'em. lol. will drop by soon =)

Xu Vin said...

missing u already.

write to u sn :)