Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Heart Warmer

Hafizah the Speechie said she dreamed about me smiling at her right before we bumped into each other in cafe just now. Cool :-) And she said she often reads my blog, secretly, she added. I think I will miss her and her "sister" Ruqayyah a lot in future. These two girls are really sweet and lovely. Thanks for your faith in me and support at times I needed it *wink* you know what I mean. All the best in your future undertakings, darlings *hugs* And I should take a picture with Ruqayyah!

with Hafizah

I'm going to meet Jerry and the rest on Friday, if Jerry has confirmed the dinner-together with others. I wonder when will he be introducing his girlfriend to us. No, I don't mean he has one now, just wondering *grin*.

I love this picture especially of the lightning. And the people inside, too. And of course, the one who took it - FeeEEeEeeA

Alright, enough for today, two posts in one night. Albert will be teasing me about my blogging frequency again. Too bad I don't have his picture to defame him before he can do that. No, actually I do, they're in Facebook. But am I not always a nice person who doesn't do this kind of things? ;-P


fea said...

omg. i'm heart-warmed too... aw... it's awesome to know i'm loved ;)

love you too chers!

Humayra' said...

happy to be in one of ur posts (^_~)
hopefully i'll see u again after this, though u've graduated. will u still b visiting us at ktsn? do drop by sumtimes..
makes me wonder what debating will b like without u.. btw.. sorry for not joining any trainings last sem. it's been a hectic semester, with a lot of things to commit into. (though perhaps not as hectic as yours..)
miss ya!

Gine said...

*hugs and spank Fea*

Thanks Ruq ;) Hopefully I can get a job in KL, too. I'm waiting for the interview result of this job which I really look forward to *wink*

I think the debating scene will have a positive change as captain-ship's passed down to our more-enthusiastic bunch of juniors :) p/s: hopefully no 09/10 batch of juniors read my blog so that their "seniors - you know whom I refer to" will retain some of their credibility in front of their juniors hee hee ;)