Monday, May 04, 2009

God's Work in Me, Me Working for God

Have you ever had something come up to you and you need to make a life changing decision? That you need to abandon everything you have established in a place and start a new life in another place? It's not exaggerating if you describe it as entering into a new world. Because everything there may be new to you, that you need to explore on your own, with no familiar faces around. I am thrilled at the opportunity, but apparently exploration per se is not what contribute to my decision when I'm settling down for a career.

I always wanted to work for people in need, maybe for the government. People always complain that the government servants are slow and inefficient (Of course I understand there are limitation and grey areas in it, that is why sometimes it is not for the outsiders to judge, you know). Maybe how I can make a difference, is knowing that by complaining alone is not going to help, but by joining the work force and change it inside out is. Jun Ling has inspired me to do so soon as she's graduated, and she still cheerfully holds on to the same view point even after she's worked in a government hospital for two years.

I received a job offer before I could attend the interview for Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA). Yes, from the interview I told you previously. It strucks me that, that's it, I'm hired. As long as I say Yes to them, I will be on my way, making a living on my own, that... I'll become a working adult. Wow! Haha! Yet, I wonder if that is what I want - the nature of the job and the quality of life which follows. I cannot tell you publicly which company is that, and maybe not the offers, too. But well, it's something challenging enough to move me out of my comfort zone at the beginning of it, yet laid back enough to have some time for myself and strike the balance between work and life (I suppose).

And I wonder if I still can meet my purpose of serving the public if I work for the private sector instead of the government. It's the same healthcare sector, diagnosing diseases through laboratory investigation. Well, I think it doen't matter if I am not necessarily serving a large crowd. As long as I am there to serve God's purpose, I will know it is the best thing ever.

Oh, let me share with you how I landed myself with this interview. It is really interesting.

So, as a Biomedical Science student, I've heard of this lab ever since we asked our seniors where could we possibly work at after graduation. It's just like some IT students must have heard of Intel or something. There was this one fine day, I took a taxi back from church. That taxi driver was a very friendly old man. He told me about his family, how he's retired and now his children are all working, and he decided to drive a taxi around to fill his spare time after retirement. He talked about his son, who graduated from UPM Biomedical Science and now working in a laboratory nearby the area. I was surprised. So I asked if he's got vacancy in his place, and probably I could give it a try. And instantly he picked up his phone and called his son!

After confirming that they are indeed looking for people now, I took his son's number and ask for email address to send resume as I reached hostel. After a week or so, i received a call for interview before my exam, as how I've told you in previous post. After rushing here and there, the interview's over, and now I'm offered a job. It all happens in less than a month! Tell me God's hand is not in this matter. I mean, it is SO OBVIOUS that God has granted me favour in this whole event that I must share it here. That is why I am a bit confused now. If God has delivered me through all this, could it be this is what God has planned for me?

Pray for me, will you? That I will know the direction God wants me to go, and be obedient enough to follow Him. Kooi Cia says if I find peace in the decision I make later, chances are that is what God's plan for me :) I am looking forward to have the peace with the Lord.


Mike said...

Congratulations on the job offer! A lot of my friends are having trouble finding jobs right now with this economy. I said a prayer for you.

God Bless

-Michael Casey

Gine said...

Thanks Mike! And all the best to your friends too. Making a living is how things go around now lol though I hope sometimes things could be the other way round :) You take care too ya