Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rotting, a sinfuly comfortable process

I know, I know, I haven't been blogging as religiously as a nobloglergic should. I am not going to give excuses, too ;p 

Here are some short updates of my current status before I blog about something else, if I can manage two posts tonight, without missing some TV shows or sofa time with my books.

I went for the SPA interview last Thursday, but it didn't went as well as I had hope it would. Basically the main questions revolved around if I would love to serve the government in a hospital diagnostic laboratory 30 years down the road, and what do I know about being a government servant, the perks, the responsibilities and etc. Honestly, I have given all my heart to the Underwriter job I told some of you about, and it's difficult for me to tell them convincingly that I love to work in a laboratory anymore. But I had a great time catching up with my friend who was also there for the same interview with me :)

On the same day, I handed in my thesis hard cover to the office, and dealt with the (hopefully) last red tape stuff involve as a soon-to-be graduate. In the very evening, was also my last day working in the restaurant I told you guys about, instead of the next day. Because my manager told me that they've had enough people on Friday. I was cool with it, because I couldn't stand any longer with the ramdom guests I face every night because there was a dinner with Jerry and the rest on Friday evening, before I leave KL for Penang on Saturday afternoon.

Right now I'm rotting at home, procrastinating my blog updates. I do have a few topics in mind, most of them are already half way in research and could be posted soon. Some are new spur of ideas, waiting to be polished and elaborated nicely before publishing. If you were to ask what exactly am I doing at home, I'd say, reading, TVs, waiting for result of THE interview through calls, looking out for more career options, Facebook a little (It slows my connection down! I should visit it less.) and gazing at the night sky, doing absolutely nothing at all for 5 minutes a day, like I promised myself previously. Night sky in Penang can't be the prettiest, but it's the one I love most :)

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