Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Being random

There is, like, SO MANY ways to react to a cute guy's random greeting that I could probably write a book out of it, but all I did was halted, mind went blank, and smiled back. At first I paused because I was trying to recall if I've seen him somewhere. His face looked familiar - his short blonde hair and blue eyes kinda reminded me of Ronan Keating, to be honest. But his accent was more like an American. Then I returned to my senses and reckoned I don't know him, so I smiled back just to be polite. I don't want them to think Malaysians are rude or so uncivilised that I don't know how to reply a friendly greeting.

I have just finished work and my mind was totally squeezed out of its normal self. I should have shouted back:

"Do you hate OSama or OBama more?"

"I am ready to take on the world with the awesome power of hashbrown!"

"What ON EARTH is wrong with Sarah Palin?"

"Let's go swimming!"

Indeed. As I realise I don't know how to be equally random in response to that random greeting, I guess I have no life in me anymore. I need to go swimming to get it back :)

And I did! Nice swim! lalala~

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