Sunday, November 29, 2009

Even if

It makes it even more difficult to pull myself away when I was one of those who hand-picked them. When someone asked me if I will be going for Royals, I know there is something I don't hesitate to make the decision. Even if there were times I was frustrated to be taken for granted and wished I could have just left the responsibility like someone did and expect others to find a way and handle the situation themselves. Even if there are times I wonder why was I still there. Even if there are times I felt stupid to always be there for them and when others who don't, came, they replace me. Even if there were times I was left to do the shittiest job, to take everyone's interest into consideration and to worry about demotivating anyone. Even if there were times I was robbed off time to be spent with those whom I need to talk to, or actually requested to talk to me personally, yet I was full of responsibility which I not necessarily have to bear at the first place. Even if there were people who came and left, then came back again and left again, repeatedly. Even if they now have their own teams to focus on, and move on.

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