Sunday, November 01, 2009

mixed feelings

omg omg kill me, i need to spill it out to someone fast because i cant go swimming to save my soul it keeps raining everyday Lord what are you playing at it's not funny please let me run to You and whisper my joy and anxiety and excitement and concerns and argh my heart is going to explode at the next second because hehadbeensuggestingthewholedaytomeetupforadrinkyesterdayeitherathisormyplaceandtodayhesendsmeamessagejusttotellmeilooknicetodayafterbumpingintomeattheliftandchattedalittlefomerefiveminutesandihavebeenlookingforwardforhimtotakethefirststepeversincethefirsttimeisawhim!

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Jeremy said...

all the best =D. seemslikeloveisintheair