Friday, November 20, 2009

Presents for me??

My housemates and I are going to have our own gift exchange day around Christmas. There are five of us, hence we shall buy a gift for each of the two person whose names we drew out in random from Merl's hands.

What to buy for a gift with the minimum cost as RM20? I am not going to give out my idea here. Anyway, I have yet to come across gift that cost RM20 that I can buy. It is quite a difficult amount to be honest - nothing too ordinary yet nothing too fancy.

Kevin says that I am a person easy to please or make happy. At some point it is true, especially as I started wondering what would others have thought of buying me instead. Many of my friends would think of buying me books as presents. Books are my all time favourite gift. But I do have books that sit untouched on my bookshelf for reasons such as there is no chemistry between me and the book. Some of them are even my own hunts during book fair or sales in bookstore! I guess I can't force myself to buy or start reading a book if I haven't been determined in owning or reading it at the first place. Yvonne and Lian King have finished reading Candace Bushnell's Trading Up while I can never read past page two! Jodi Picoult's The Pact and Plain Truth are also collecting dust there, unless Yvonne is willing to show her mercy to them by trying out different genre of books from my little library sometimes. Having say that, I still went on and bought Jodi Picoult's Handle With Care and Khaled Hosseni's The Kite Runner after that, and started to read Handle With Care right after the purchase. Hmm..

Well, there are a lot of other things you can buy for me as a gift, really. Principle is: if you don't know what I really want or like, buy something you think I might need it. For example, stationary I might need in office, toiletries, food, and etc. Yes, these things don't need RM20. But I'd be equally glad that at least it shows you are observant of my needs :)

1. the To-Do-List strip. I saw it in MPH bookstore long time ago. Now I kinda need it in office because the work load has been crazy and writing it down helps a lot in organising work flow in a systematic manner.

2. Darlie tooth paste. Seriously. I am looking for the Darlie original tooth paste, not those with added lemon mint flavor or whatever crap version. Original version, in the largest tube possible. Sometimes I can't find the original version, sometimes it is not the largest tube which means I have to buy another one very soon. And yes, I have been faithful to Darlie ever since I was a kid. That explains why you can buy me as many tubes as possible to hit RM20, because I won't change the brand of tooth paste I am using until the next 700 billion years.

3. Milo 3 in 1. I can never grow out of drinking Milo. And I drink Milo with breakfast in office everyday. You can imagine how much I need it.

4. Body shampoo of any brand. I really don't mind the brand as long it is labeled "Body Shampoo". I need it as long as I still have the habit to bath.

5. Peanut butter, fruit jam, bread butter and tuna spread. Yup, that is what I have with Gardenia bread for breakfast during weekdays. Sometimes I even keep it as my lunch so that I don't have to waste time eating out during lunch hour when I need to rush my work.

6. Clothes washing powder. You don't have to buy me a washing machine if you cannot afford it, though I'd be really grateful if you could and would, hahahaha! Well, you can buy me something to go with it, which is the washing powder, haha! It is of course a necessity in my whole life, if I haven't married to a rich Duke and start sending all my clothes for laundry services or have maids to help me with them.

7. Night light! Everybody knows I am afraid to sleep in the dark. I have a penguin night light plugged in in my room. I switched it on every night as I sleep. It gives me a sense of security. I guess I need some back-up night light in case one day my penguin suddenly decided to quit working as a slave in a tropical country.

8. Book marks! I have the habit of taking forever to finish reading a book. Most of the time I can use anything thin as a bookmark. There was once I started reading Jodi Picoult(again)'s Change of Heart right after I buy it. I actually used the receipt for that book as a book mark, haha! However it'd be lovely if I have a more beautiful bookmark for it :)

9. A4 hard cover notebook. I can use it as my adjudication sheet during debate, write my journals, or for news article archives. I love A4 size hard cover notebooks, I don't know why. Sometimes I'd have fun flipping though blank notebooks even if there wasn't anything written in it (it is totally blank!).

10. Oral B tooth brush. Yes. Tooth brush, medium softness. Oral B. :)

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