Thursday, November 12, 2009

Here I Am.

I guess God is trying to tell me something. A message He told me long time ago, but I have forgotten. First-time mistake, was because I didn't know it. Second time mistake, was because I've forgotten the lesson, maybe it didn't hit me hard enough during the first time. When the time comes to make the same mistake for the third time, I'll make sure it wont happen :) I kept asking, how could it happen? It's too coincident! The answer is simple - because God has planned it carefully, and watched over the incidents to make sure they did happen accordingly, one after another. I was disappointed at first, and nearly loose faith in God again. But when I look back, it hits me that, it has happened in a way that could cause the least harm to my heart, the same way God has been protecting me during the first mistake. And the principles of second mistake is almost the same as the first one. The same God has always been here, but it's me who has been away. Only when I get myself back here, then can I experience the familiar warmth I once had, in God's arm.

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