Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Weekends!

I've been traveling a bit during the these two weekends. I went Kuantan during the last weekend, and I just got back from Ipoh this afternoon :)

Both were fantastic weekends! I enjoyed the interesting events that added spice to my ordinary life, the great food from different places, the laughter-filled car rides, and most importantly to me, the friends I spent time with. I feel very much alive and loved when I was with them. Nothing beats hanging out with friends during weekends. Of course, sometimes one does need time for him or herself to breathe. But I've been having that during the weekdays. Hence it's wonderful to spend time with friends when we've got the chance to.

People says, find a job that you love, and you'll never need to work again. I am not sure if I've fallen in my current job, but it does grow on me :) Without realising it, I'm giving more of myself into it. I don't complain as I wake up in the morning for work. I actually love the morning breeze as I walk to the monorail station. I haven't been going home sharp at 5:30pm since few weeks ago. Sometimes my work reminds me of the thesis-writing part of my final year in university - the whole day is about starring at the computer screen and type away! But this time, I'm glued to the desk like an addiction, or out of obsessiveness, to calculate the best rate, to make sure the review reports get done correctly, to study the hospital bill and medical reports to decide for the next step should one is needed, and to debate with myself over the options. Satisfaction comes after completing one task after another. And when more work is coming, adrenaline runs in my blood without the need of coffee!

But what I've learnt during my past part-time job experience was, no matter how enthusiastic I feel about a job/career, I must get some air to breathe if I really want to commit wholeheartedly in it. During my past two part-time job, I honestly enjoyed the first few weeks/months of working there, and hence I decided to work for longer hours. It turned out that it was a bad move to do so, because I got worn out of spirit for it, and my passion died, replaced by negative perception which blocked me from seeing the brighter side of the job. I learn that I need to take it slow and steady for it to be long-lasting.

This is a job God has blessed me with. For whatever hidden mission God has in placing me there, I want to fulfill my purpose there wholeheartedly. Everybody has different ways to give their best in something they really care about. For me, it's using the best equipment for it. If you have the best tools yet you don't spend time maintaining it or doing some quality control for the benefit of the job, then maybe you're just not that into the job, are you? :)

Here are some pictures taken during the car ride along the highway:

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