Friday, May 28, 2010

City Crowd

Dances always make me smile. I have no idea why :) There was one fine evening, I was in a hurry to rush back after work. I clocked out sharp at 5:30pm, wasting no innocent second. And there they were, right in front of Maybank below Bukit Bintang Monorail station, a group of dancers.

They danced, they sang along the songs. They cheered and spectators cheered with them. Cameramen and photographers whisked out their gadgets, passer-bys stopped and flashed their camera phones at them for a quick shot, before the precious scene vanished.

I stood there, stunned. Like it or not, I couldn't control the wide grin on my face. I realise it's the joy from within me that rooted me to the spot. The cheerful faces of the dancers certainly did magic unto the spectators. And more people were attracted to peek beyond sea of shoulders at what was happening. I thought they were from some dancing classes promoting their group.

After about three fast-paced songs, the dance ended with a Mandarin song with the lyric "take it off, take it off!" *grin* And indeed, the dancers, one after another, loosened up their shirts from their waistband, and at the last move, they peeled off their outer coat/shirt! And they froze.

Beneath it, was another t-shirt, printed the name of a product they were trying to promote. How creative! Apparently a company hired them to dance in the middle of the city to attract on-lookers, effectively. No microphone. No shouting of Free-Gifts-Only-Today. Nothing. Just a loud speaker, and a group of passionate dancers.

Eventually I recalled my plan for the evening, and quickly rushed off for the train. Carried with me, was the joy I received from the dancers, the crowd. A moment well lived :)

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