Friday, May 28, 2010

Get Physical

Can you tell the difference between artistic and cheap trying-to-be-sex-appealing pole dancing?

Presenting, Felix Cane!

And somebody. I think her name is Irene. I wonder how old she is.

I've always liked Lady Gaga's video clip, because she is undisputedly one of a kind. Dancers in R&B songs are barely wearing anything, and they are disgusting. But Lady Gaga is also barely wearing anything in some of her video clips, but never had the word Sex crawled through my mind as I watched her videos.

This group of guys, named On The Rocks, have nothing to do with pole dancing, neither are they sexy. But they certainly make my day! Along with Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, they bring out a different flair in their dance - adorable! And I can't stop grinning again :D

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