Saturday, May 22, 2010


Adik Firdaus: Akak suke Spiderman ke Batman?

Me (indulged in brick-building gameboy at the same time): Er.. Spiderman

*Because I think it looks cool to swing from building to building with spider web. But both superheroes aren't that much different to me anyway.

Adik Firdaus: I suke Batman.

Me (still glued to the brick game): Ye ke? Kenape?

*What can be so great about Batman anyway?

Adik Firdaus: Kerana Batman ada motor best!

I was stunned, inserted the brick at a wrong position, and bursted out laughing.

Adik Firdaus continued: Kerete dia pun best. Dalam kerete boleh simpan motor dia. Dua-dua pun best!

And that's how I lost the brick-building game.


Xu Vin said...

u sure u lost the brick game bcz of that? *grins*

Gine said...

Haha, ok, so that's not fair to push the blame to him, but I found that really funny. Hahahaha! And I was stunned for a moment, for real. :)

Kenneth said...

Q: Superman atau spiderman, yang mana lagi bodoh?
A: Superman. kerana dia pakai 'underwear'

Q: Superman atau batman, yang mana lagi bodoh?
A: Superman! Walaupun dua-dua pakai 'underwear', batman tahu pakai 'mask' yo.