Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm Sorry.

A plane operated by Libyan airline Afriqiyah crashed on landing at Tripoli airport. Out of the 104 persons in the plane, only one Dutch child, age 8, survived.

If I'm a story teller, I'd tell all kind of stories about the crash and his survival and what happens after that with him being the only survival of this tragic incident. Maybe I'll go with the direction of his encounter with angel of death and how he managed to trick the satan for his life. And he could be famous and everyone knows him as The One, and plan crash investigators all around the world will be interested in interviewing him to know what exactly happened and how did he survive. Or maybe this boy will grow up having phobia with boarding a plane and his story to overcome the fear.

But I'm not. I'm only a human. I feel horribly sorrowful to read this news. I'm sorry for the losses suffered by the victims' families and friends. I'm sorry for the victims' tragic death. I'm sorry for the airline company. I know none of them. But may the Lord bless the souls.

I wonder what would I have done should I be in a crashing plane. It's either I went total blank in my mind, or thoughts about everything runs through my mind in matter of seconds. Thoughts about undone chores, unspoken love and apology. Thoughts about people I have yet to hug that very morning.

And maybe, thought about how I should have lived like I am dying.

Have a good day, everyone.

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