Monday, May 31, 2010


These days have been really fantastic! Birthday celebrations one after another. I guess May is really a happening month.

Kicking it start by meeting up for lunch and Ip Man 2 with Mar-Jie, Xu Vin and Pau, then watched an MPO performance with Xu Vin, Pei Sun and her friend on the same day. Jason and Ruth's wedding, but I didn't manage to go. Iron Man 2 with College CG. UKM IV. Deborah's birthday. Hon Yau's birthday celebration (for N times, haha, tak habis-habis!). Lemuel's birthday. Jen Li's birthday. Global Day of Prayer in Stadium Malawati. Tabi's back with David. Elisha's back. Monica's back. Zhong Yi's birthday. Pastor Tony's birthday. Michelle's birthday. YC's birthday. June slept over. Ervina's back (for a while). Middle Eastern food with Ken. Simon's back. Eunice's back. Kean Yan's back.Watched Prince of Persia with Lian King and Yvonne. Kooi Cia's back (for a short while, too). Watched Shrek and Letters to Juliet. And YES, the latter was truly a beautiful movie! Heart-meltingly beautiful scenes and storyline and actors and actresses!

It was suppose only to be a dinner in KLCC with Kooi Cia. And after dinner, thought I could just drop by at her Traders Hotel room to have a look. Ended up making an impromptu decision to stay over with her for a night there. Haha. So her brother and sister sent me back to my condo and speed-packed my stuff and came back hotel again. Thank God I've known the way to walk from KLCC to Bukit Bintang, to my work place. So, I've also visited Sky Bar on top of the hotel. The view from the bar was truly amazing, with the gleaming Twin Towers in full view. It had a pool in the middle of the bar, and the ambiance was very cozy. I loved the hotel room. The chair for reading (I've always wanted a chair like that!), the bed, the bathroom OMG! It's been great to have a whole night with that busy girl, haha :) Ever so energetic and inspiring. (I don't have her picture with me now though).

OK. Really have to go to bed now. Pics!

It's through the list long of birthday celebrations and makan-makan session and parties and board games and card games sessions that let me have the experience of truly living in a community. Church is not a place you just go there during Sunday morning for sermon and "fulfill" religious obligation. It's the center of a community, where everyone meets and catch up. Where everyone finds bonding with the community, find love and support. When the world is pushing towards individualism, church is there to remind us to live as a community. That marriage is not really just a matter between two individuals, but the union of two families, and the bond between members of this community is bound closer by the marriage.

Coming up: Say Li's coming to KL this weekend. Can't wait! Live has been fulfilling and contented. Thank You for Your abundant blessings, Lord Jesus!

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