Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One After Another

I've bought it since 2009. Some time around second half of the year. I've taken it up and put it down for so many times that I barely remember if I've ever cried over it, even for once. I remembered clearly there were times my reading came to a point when I read just for the sake of finishing it. But Jodi Picoult is still so good that she made the phase less painful. It's just that, she is not that good in her Handle With Care.

I've been tempted to take a break from Jodi Picoult recently. Randomly bought and read John Steinbeck's Mice and Man. Boy, it's a very refreshing change. Impressive words and writing style. But nonetheless an awfully traumatising ending. I finished it around 2:30am one night, and I wondered if I would have night mare should I fall asleep. Yup, John Steinbeck. Nothing less than mind-blowing.

This weekend I'm going to borrow Dear John from Siaw Lin. Adele said it's good, and it's one of her favourite books by Nicholas Spark.

Really, sometimes, taking a break from something you love deeply can give you a refreshing new perspective as you take it up once again. But how to tell if you only need a temporary break, or a permanent leave?

Things have been changing in unexpected directions these days. Finally there are times when my decidophobia is not the reason of me keep changing my decisions. See, I did make those decisions. It's just that, things suddenly change, and hence I have to reconsider my decisions/ plans.

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