Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tried any new thing today?

I'm trying a lot of new things this weekend. Well, starting my weekend since Friday is the ONLY thing that is not new to me :)

1. Bought 3 albums in one go: no regrets, love the musics!
a) Colbie Caillat - Breakthrough: I still love her style of musics. Soothing yet refreshing.
b) Sabrina - I Love Acoustic Too: As the title of the CD suggested, it's a compilation of songs sang in acoustic twist. I love her voice with the companion of acoustic guitar. Are you interested to know how does she sing Bleeding Love, Poker Face, Take A Bow, Because of You and etc in acoustic manner? I guess it's my personal preference to acoustic songs that draws me to it. The same way Alarice's Midnight Train and Colbie Caillat's both albums do.
c) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster: Yup, you read it right. It's the main reason I visited that music shop at the first place. While on the way out, I picked up the above two albums. I love the way her songs bring out the tempo in you, make you want to tap your fingers or jump to your feet and dance along :)

2. Watched 3 movies in one go:
a) Changing Sides: It's a French film showed in conjunction with French Art and Film Festival in GSC International Screen. It's an interesting experience for me because it's the first time for me to be totally dependent on subtitles, while surrounded with words I cannot make sense of. It's a comedy film, and I enjoyed their sense of humor. The way they shoot the film. The acting. The way a language I had never heard of filled my ears and made me smile. I wanted to pretend that I was at another world already. Have you ever been in the same lift with a group of Indians and they're speaking in Tamil cheerfully among themselves? Some said it's rude to speak in a foreign language in front of people who don't understand it. But I like it. It does make me feel out of place. But in another word, it makes me feel invisible. As if I can just stand there, observe them speaking in different tongue and be amazed. The way a language is a way of expression itself. Differences excite me. Being a multilingual person myself, there are times I find certain things can only be expressed best in certain language, not the other.

b) The Bounty Hunter: I watched it because of Jennifer Aniston OK! It's not bad, would give 7/10 marks.

c) Furry Vengency: Total lousy film. It's suppose to be a comedy with cute furry animals on the theme of going green for environment, with some side lessons such as family and doing what is right etc. But no, I did not laugh at all. Seeing someone going through all the disasters and suffering the pains are nothing funny to me. Or maybe it's just this film. I actually enjoyed all Home Alone movies, you see. And being furry doesn't mean you're cute. Typical ending. 2/10.

3. Watch Thomas Cup Semi Final with friends:
a) and some uncles. I dislike watching the games with old people who've known the Malaysian badminton history so well that he could recall all the scores of the coach who trains the present players now yet NOT being supportive of Malaysian players. Or maybe being optimistic is only for young people? Whenever a new game starts, I'd feel like we're going to make a history. With banners of Come Home Mr.Thomas held high by the supporters in the stadium, I kept feeling that Malaysian team was going to beat China.

Yet there were too often Malaysian players lose scores to opponent because of the formers' own mistakes. I couldn't make myself to complain, but pray that the players will keep cool and take it easy. Because I knew the hope and pressure were on them, with this Cup being held at home land especially. While the uncles kept scolding: you can go home now; you're humiliating the country, etc. Was it because they've seen enough reality that make it impossible for them to feel the excitement of being hopeful again? Honestly, I know nuts about Malaysian badminton history. But it's as if I understand how it's like to put in every effort for a competition yet only being this close to make it. Others said it's as if nothing has been done because losing means one has contributed nothing beneficial. But I know it's not true. The hard work is real. The pressure is real. The fight itself is real. The sinking feeling whenever we're a score further from the Cup is real. No matter how many mistakes they've done in the court, humiliation is not something I could recognise for it.

At the end, I have to say, yup, China team performed well that night. Energetic and well-trained players. But I still love Malaysian players more, even AFTER they've lost the matches. All of them are still pretty much my idols whom I will look up to and support. Maybe to the extent of keeping their sweaty towels.

b) then play Saboteur at Elise's house: It's a board game. My first time playing it. I'm too lazy to explain what it is, but well, just say it's similar to mafia/murderer game, that we need to fake our identity at some point of the game. And apparently I just couldn't fake it enough even though I've tried my best to do EVERYTHING I could to look like another identity. Sue Ann said I was like an open book. Really? Sigh. Hahaha, but it was fun!

c) bought burger for dinner/supper at this "Jeremy's" stall before heading Elise's house. Learnt something new, a recipe by the stall owner. Burger Kawen = burger with chicken and beef patty. Alternately, you can also call it Burger Abu, because Ayam + lemBU = ABU! Nice try, tauke :) And hey, they add a few slices of green apple in the burger instead of cucumber! Isn't it interesting?

Thank you, Lord, for such an interesting weekend!


Ted said...

Lady gaga really so nice meh?

hows life leaving biomed behind?

Gine said...

some songs nice, some just so so :) life is still interesting!

Alison.Monday said...

i like wat u said in defense for the malaysian true!as if i can smell the sweat,see the effort and feel the pressure juz by reading thm already

Gine said...

hee hee, thanks for dropping by, Alison dear!