Friday, May 21, 2010

Good Morning, Babe!

Saturday morning. Drizzled. I woke up and noticed a little boy watching cartoon in the living hall. A younger brother of one of my housemate. I thought this is what Saturday should be like: cereal with milk, in front of favourite cartoons. I thought this is how childhood should be like. And I wonder if I've never stopped watching cartoon on Saturday morning, maybe there will be no such thing as "childhood" cartoon.

And I switched on my laptop, get to my Facebook page. He walked into my little room, saw my brick game gameboy, took it and played with it. I asked for his age, he replied:

"Darjah Satu."

So I guess he is age 7.

Then he looked up at my screen, and said:


And I guess that was the moment I actually woke up :)

Adik Firdaus with my goggle :)

On another note, Ervina is back to Washington since Thursday morning. And June is leaving KTSN today, going back BM. There are always people who, when they leave, they bring along your heart with them..


Xu Vin said...

that boy is so adorable! n haha i rmb those saturday morn cartoon times. i used to have chinese class on sat morns so can only watch after class. n thr were times when sch has replacement classes on sat. n there would be primary 1 kids crying cz they didnt wana miss their sat morn cartoon. lol.

Mar-Jie said...

I miss Saturday mornings like that.. with all my fav cartoons and breakfast in front of the tv!! it's been ages since i did that. hahahh..

nx time the first book kids read is prollie gonna be facebook -.-

:D ♥

Gine said...

Vin: kids crying cz of that?? hahaha, so cute!

MJ: yeah, that's exactly what i'm thinking! first book.. haha!