Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today (Wednesday, 5th May 2010) is a happening day, but I'm not part of any event :(

1. Sarah flies in from Sibu! She's here for a workshop for a few days and it'll be fantastic if we can meet up and have dinner or something. Which part of KL? She was at the same old KTSN this morning :)

2. Ervina is back in KL from Washington! She called from the States last night right before her impromptu flight. Again, it would be great if I can meet her up tonight because during weekend she'll be off to Philippine. Hopefully I'm still able to meet her next week, when she flies back here again.

3. MPO Jam Buster - Grand Tango. RM10.00. Yes, I am having slight addiction to MPO performances these days. Amy would have come with me if I am attending it.

For some reason, I can't be part of all these.

On another note, my apology to all doctor friends. I am one of the most noncompliant patient you will ever have. But that's also partly because my doctor didn't give me MC so I refuse to take the pill for flu, which the nurse said will make me drowsy. But yes, I hate swallowing pill, too.

And the conversation with you about how I'd prefer to say sleep "in" bed instead of sleep "on" bed because that's how the bed swallows a person "into" it when one sleeps on it, and your response towards my ridiculous explanation certainly made my day, despite missing all these events :)

No, no, I'll still make it up to you, dear Sarah and Ervina :)

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